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Before the Spanish entrada, the Tamyen peoplemined the area for chert, which was typically used for debitage and arrow points. On November 29, 1777, Juan Bautista de Anzaselected the area to become the southernmost region in the first land tract of the San Jose pueblo (the first pueblo-town in California not associated with a mission or a military post). Although… Continue reading Communications Hill


San Jose Naresh Ramaiya

As students return for the first day of school in Lancaster County, South Carolina, the district’s leadership has confirmed that a 16-year-old student has died of complications from Covid-19. “We are saddened to learn of the passing of a 16-year-old Andrew Jackson High student from Covid complications,” Lancaster County School District Superintendent Jonathan Phipps said in a… Continue reading San Jose Naresh Ramaiya

Naresh Ramaiya A self-driven graduate who is passionate to work with a multicultural group of professionals, and has the positive attitude of keeping an open mind to learn and adapt constructive team management in a collaborative environment.  I had work experience as a marketing intern and and are comfortable in working In an international culture and… Continue reading Naresh Ramaiya

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Naresh Ramaiya – San Jose 7. Golden State Warriors (from Minnesota): SF Jonathan Kuminga, G-League Ignite Kuminga is a big swing, and I know Golden State is probably conflicted because in theory they’d want to take somebody who is ready to help them contend next year. And 18-year-olds typically aren’t that, but man, there’s so much to like. He has a… Continue reading Naresh Ramaiya – San Jose

Naresh Ramaiya

bestselling Author, and an International Keynote Speaker on Leadership, Management, HR, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence. Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) our greatest existential threat? Will AI take your Job? Is Privacy dead? Is Universal Basic Income a viable strategy or just a temporary bandage?… We are standing at a crucial and pivotal point in… Continue reading Naresh Ramaiya